Our Tech’s

Technician bio: Griff Coates

Griff (our head technician) has been repairing appliances in the region since 2003. After completing appliance repair courses at the Peterson School he began working for seven years as a service technician for a major retailer’s appliance service division.  During that time he covered all of the greater Boston’s North Shore area servicing all types of appliances and was one of the technicians that other service techs turned to for help on tough problems that needed to be diagnosed and repaired!  Then in 2007 Griff got fed up with the constantly changing and failing management and struck out on his own forming Adesso Appliance Repair based in Salem, MA and serving  many surrounding cities and towns. He has helped many thousands of your neighbors with their appliance problems, and has developed a strong, loyal following based on his hard work, knowledge and professionalism.

If it breaks, he can fix it!