Summer Is Coming

Summer is coming…

And that means that you will most likely be doing more outside BBQ cooking and not using the stove or oven as much as throughout the year! But Summer also means some other things as well.  Perhaps now would be the perfect time to fix any of those things that are wrong with your current stove of oven while they are not being used as heavily or frequently!  Call us at 978-500-5970 to schedule an appointment to have it fixed!

One of the other things that changes with summer is that your refrigerator will be working extra hard because of the heat! Has your unit(s) been cleaned out lately? If not, now is a good time to do that! Remember that having a lot of dust and dirt on the units evaporator vanes means that the compressor is going to be working extra hard, putting EXTRA STRESS and MORE ENERGY! If you can clean the unit perfect but if that is not something that you can or want to do then please call us at 978-500-5970 to schedule an appointment! Remember we want you to avoid a costly compressor replacement or even worse having to replace your refrigerator!
While on the topic of refrigerators, let’s not forget that ALL IMPORTANT ICE MAKER! Obviously, with the heat of summer you are going to be using a LOT MORE ICE during the summer months! Is your ice maker working properly? Perhaps you don’t even have an automatic ice maker! Well now is the perfect time to have yours defective unit replaced, or to have one installed if you have never had one! Don’t go into the summer months without good ice making capabilities!!! Call us at 978-500-5970 to schedule an appointment to make sure that your ice making capabilities are ready to work at its peak performance!!!

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