Have you gotten the “Buzz” yet?

Have you heard?  Adesso Appliance Repair has started publishing a quarterly newsletter called the “Adesso Buzz!”

The Adesso Buzz! will bring you important information that you need to know to make sure that you can ensure that your appliances will be running in tip-top shape when you need them!

The Adesso Buzz! will also bring you important information relative to what things you need to consider for the time period each of the newsletters covers.  For example

  • Did you know that it is almost impossible to get a really quick appointment during the months of November and December?
  • Do you when the highest failure rates of refrigerators occurs?
  • Did you know that periodically we offer multi-appliance check-ups for one low cost?
  • Do You know what you might be doing wrong prior to calling Adesso Appliance Repair that could be costing you way too much money? (Avoiding this costly mistake could save you big time!)
  • Do You know how to save 10% on your next service call?

These and many more great tips are available when you sign up for our quarterly Adesso Buzz! newsletter!


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